Month: November 2015

Today’s Muslims Are Living In The Wild West

These Thugs Are Not Representative Of Islam

These Thugs Are Not Representative Of Islam

I would like to start with a disclaimer, I do not condone ISIS, IS or whatever they are called these days in any shape or form. What I would say though is, however, is that as a Muslim in the West life is coming much more difficult to live.

Constant heckling and abuse, being told to ***k off home and being called Bin Laden is not how one should expect to live their life. What I find even more difficult to fathom is that this is the same West that leads us to think that they are very tolerant and that the past misdemeanors which involved Adolph Hitler were just that … the past.

Fast forward some 50 years from then to now and ask yourself, what’s different between then and now? Hitler, as we know, was a brutal dictator who indiscriminately killed Jews, which was a hideous crime.

Why was it a hideous crime? Was it because Jews were killed? No! It was a hideous crime because innocent people died as a result. No, I am not being anti-semitic, I am just merely stating that all lives matter.

As a journalist for coming on two and half years now, I find it difficult to digest sometimes how news is portraying normal Muslim people like me and hopefully Muslims who are reading this feel the same way.

I for one feel annoyed why I keep having to apologise for ISIS and I am not being insensitive either when I say this. ISIS is a group that the media likes to portray as a terrorist group who kills thousands of innocent people. That part of the media narrative is fine, I don’t have an issue with that – but what I do have an issue with is that I am expected to say sorry about a guy killing someone I have never met.

Apparently he is representing Islam and people will think that Islam stands for that, so that’s the reason I have been told to apologise. Islam isn’t about what these ISIS thugs want you to believe it to be, Islam is about peace, respecting your neighbor (respect thy neighbor as the Christians say ), giving to the poor and needy and so on.

What itself has a stringent checklist and only then if those criteria are passed, which are hard to pass as some won’t be applicable in today’s day and age. For example, there has to be the ruling that going to war is the right option. The only people who can call war would be god (which he hasn’t as there is no other book after the Quran and in there he has not mentioned the need to go to war )

The other authoritative figure would be a prophet of God and even then they would be only acting out orders of God. That was then, this is now.. what ISIS is doing is wrong… period. Even if a war was to be given authorization and that is a huge if due to the obstacles, in a war you can not, I repeat can not kill women, children, the elderly and even trees!

Anders Breivik remember him? Thought you wouldn’t, he was the Norwegian TERRORIST, yes terrorist from Norway. Breivik stated that he knew he ‘wouldn’t be seen as terrorist like a Muslim would’. The Norwegian stated he was a Christian, all Christians I am waiting for that long overdue apology. Sorry, what’s that? You don’t see the need to apologise for a minority, neither should Muslims then for that matter.

What happened in Paris was deeply upsetting, I was told the news by phone on a family holiday and I was in stunned silence for a minute. After I composed myself, I prayed that the innocent people who died (undeservedly I may add) are now in a better place and that their families suffering could be eased somehow.

ISIS represents killing, their videos have showed it. They can say Islam stands for their violence all they want, Muslims know the truth and now so should you. Here is a link to the English translation of the Quran: This will give you a chance to have a look for yourself and see the true meaning of Islam, don’t just take my word for it.

I sincerely ask you to please keep an open mind in regards to this, Muslims aren’t all terrorists, in fact, a terrorist doesn’t have a religion. Those killings in Burma means that Buddhists are all bad? No, the masses will tell you, don’t be so daft they will say, but when a mindless minority say that they represent Muslims it’s Gospel all of a sudden. Double standards? I will leave that to you guys. One thing I have learnt is to never take anything at face value, please bear that in mind.

Can Muslims do more to stop terrorism, we all can it’s a global problem. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Terrorism is when innocent people are killed for no good reason by someone, it someone who brings terror (fear to someone’s heart).

Iraq a million innocent people died, Syria countless refugees – shall I go on? We need to open our eyes, the example of Syria and Iraq highlights terrorism is a global problem as people in the East and West are dying as a result of it.