Month: November 2016

The Bearded Commandments!


Alhamdulillah, this is an example of bearded magnificence. Bearded brothers, please learn The Bearded Commandments


Hello and greetings from your Bearded Captain. I pray all my soldiers are ok inshaaAllah and are in the process of growing beards! Just like yesterday, I have an important issue to make you aware of, this my bearded brothers is the issue of The Bearded Commandments.

The Bearded Commandments is only available in  blog form (from this blog). There are several  bearded commandments, but don’t think I am over bearing you o bearded one. It’s simple, if you follow these bearded commandments, I promise you, inshaaAllah you will win in life.

Bearded brothers, I am a testament to the bearded commandments and again I thank The Commander and Chief for being such a good teacher to me. Yes, he did give me a lot of tough love which included a few demotions in the bearded ranks.

I can’t lie, it did hurt immensely, but it has made me the beard I am today (Gorgeous to men and women alike,Allah Huma Barik) and being a beacon if light through my beard. So below I will give you a list of The Bearded Commandments, which even myself as The Captain adheres to each and every day.

To not over burden you bearded brothers, I will give you a few commandments each day.

Thou Shall Not Shave His Beard; No But’s!

You might be surprised this is an actual commandment, but as discussed in yesterday’s post I have to mention this, it’s simple I can’t afford any more disloyal soldiers in the ranks.

If you shave your beard, you will lose your powers of seduction of the boys and girls, as well as your magic powers of making people laugh. If you become clean shaven, then you will just turn into a “normal guy”.

Bearded broother you are not just normal, you are unique and magnificent (MashaaAllah).

It goes without saying, you will have to buy your clothes from Baby Gap or Mothercare because you resemble the look of a baby and you will not be allowed into the men’s toilets either.

Bearded brother, it’s so much better to be different …. don’t be like sheep, rather be like the lone wolf, but you are the leader of the pack because the “wolfs” will follow you because of your beard, don’t forget this!

Thou Shall Give The Bigger Beard The Right Of Way ….. Always!

This law is quite simple really, if you are walking down a narrow road or in your car etc, you will give way to your big bearded brother. The reason is simple, shorter bearded one you haven’t attained the level of  patience of your longer bearded brother.

In The Bearded Commandments we don’t believe no race is superior to another, but having a longer beard has certain perks you won’t get with having a shorter beard. Failure to adhere to this rule would lead to not being able to sit near me at the  of the round table and furthermore you would have to sit as far as away from me as possible.

We are united by the beard brothers. I mentioned this before, you are a boss because of your beard. Remember this phrase and inscribe this into your hearts bearded brothers, “the beard made you who you are and you are nothing without your beard”

Thou Shall Carry A Comb In His Pocket Like He Does His Mobile Phone

Again this is another obvious rule, in the list of The Bearded Commandments. You must never forget your comb, ever! As mentioned in a previous blog, your beard messy is like a rough diamond, a diamond isn’t beautiful rough so why allow your man fur to be like such?

A well-groomed beard is what gives you your man powers and this is what makes you win at life and be nearly as funny as I am. When you leave your phone at home, that sinking feeling follows …. leaving your comb at home is much worse than that.

“It’s only 20p and you can get some from the £1 shop”,is a comment which I will not be tolerated, no sir!  Bearded brother the last time some one said that, guess what happened? That person wasn’t  mentioned  for 30 days. They were not to be sat with or their food  to be shared with for 30 days either.

Cherish your comb, it’s an unsung hero in your life due to the beard being well combed, you will have to wear special beardy glasses to protect yourself from your eyes being damaged, if you look at a fellow beard directly.

Bearded soldiers, worry not if you follow these rules to start with, the other rules will come naturally. If you become a better beard, you will have become a better man


Alhamdulillah, this is an example of bearded magnificence

inshaaAllah. It’s over and out from The Bearded Captain.


The Bearded Captain; With the beard comes responsibility


Alhamdulillah, this is an example of bearded magnificence. David Hunter take note

Hello and greetings my soldiers,it’s me again, The Bearded Captain. As your bearded captain I thank you for being such brilliant soldiers, you know what I say, a captain is as good as his soldiers and you people are lovely soldiers to be responsible of.

Ok, that’s the mushy stuff out of the way. Please note The Bearded Captain works on a “tough love” policy. With that in mind, I am sorry to say fellow bearded brothers, one of your soldiers has let you down, us all down.

Brace yourselves guys ……. I know of someone who has shaved his beard off *fights back the tears*. As I struggle to write this, containing the emotions are very difficult at this point, but I am The Bearded Captain, a leader needs to be tough no matter what.

Know my fellow bearded brothers I love you, but for the scared bond that is the beard, I will not, I repeat not! Totlerate people shaving their beards off. As a consequence, clean shaven Judas you will now be called Davina and will only be allowed to use the ladies toilets.

No sir, you are the one who ignored the first command of The Bearded Commandments. Thou shall not shave his beard! No ifs and buts …. period! As I have discusssed before a beard teaches us to be patient and loyal, ladies if you see this man know if he can cheat on his face, he can cheat on you too ….. you’re welcome.

I need to show strong leadership, but to say I am devastated is an under statement. I had hopes of you my son, but you let yourself down, your family down, your cats down and the neighbours cats down! Stating the obvious you let  your own face down as well as your bearded brothers, you let them down too, some are distraught .

Cats may have nine lives, but they lost them all in that one instance when they found out you removed your man fur, due the utter grief and sadness you have caused them (the cats). “It’s hot” and “I will grow it back again” just won’t wash with me …. nope, even if I do love you, sorry did love you.

You can’t eat with us at the men’s table, you will have to eat with the children because you look like a child. This is your fault, but fortunately for you, as I am kind Bearded Captain you will have the chance to redeem yourself, but be patient young one …. you need to re-learn the value of patience.

You were one of my excellent soldiers and keys to the kingdom were not too far away. I mean you wore the suit every day and you looked good when you wore the Cuban Pimp hat, but you have forgotten your roots and the value of good things coming to those who wait.

David Hunter, you have broken my heart, I will have to make an example of you like I am doing to show that no one is above The Bearded Commandments.

I was like you once, young and naive …. but I have to do this. Maybe I didn’t tell you The Bearded Commandments, but I told you the golden rule(Thou Shall Not Shave His Beard). Due to the seriousness of the crime, (shaving your beard). I will have to consult The Commander and Chief Ahmed Rashid in regards to this, such is the seriousness of the matter. Yes, I maybe The Bearded Captain, but even I know my rank. It’s over and out from The Bearded Captain!

The Bearded Captain Here To Address An Issue


Alhamdulillah, yours truly in his bearded magnificence. A little tribute to our bearded grandfather, the Cuban Fidel Castro.


Hello, greetings it’s me again your bearded captain. I hope all my bearded brethren are ok inshaaAllah. I have an issue that has been playing on my mind, no it’s not when I become the Bearded President of the United States Of Beardland inshaaAllah that’s a case of when rather than if.

No my fellow bearded brothers, it’s the issue of the comb and the maintenance of the beard. I have to apologise (even Bearded Kings need to be humble sometimes). The reason for the apology is this, I am sure after reading this blog, the clean shaven amongst you in their 10’s have started to grow a beard but haven’t known how to handle the addition to his life (the beard).

My clean shaven “friend” who is starting his journey in growing a beard, this blog is for you I guess. Despair not when you first grow your beard, if you are in the right environment (alongside fellow beards) then all worries will vanish. If however you are amongst clean shaven men, I fear for your masculinity, and if that’s the case The Bearded Captain says ….. get new friends!

So we have to deal with the issue at hand, how to maintain the beard . This is something that shouldn’t make you loose sleep bearded one, no sir …. as a bearded individual we embrace all challenges!

As I mentioned before, bearded brothers comb your beard and make it sparkle! If you want to get back in the “game”, believe me she doesn’t care about your dead end job …. she is woowed by that man fur.

But Bearded Prince, just because you have a woman in the palm of your hand don’t get arrogant, yes you maybe  almost as funny as me … but this is because of the magical powers of your beard and by reading these blogs.

We beardies are gentlemen, if women in their 10’s maybe 100’s show intrest in you, deal with it like a boss, but be a keeper …. the beard teaches you to be loyal and have patience in life. Bearded one, now you are winning at life (because you have a beard) don’t blow it with a  comment that a clean shaven man would be heard saying.

A man with a messy beard is like a rough diamond, but we need to ensure we keep the diamond shining. So going to the beard salon is a must. At the beard salon you are excused to act like a diva because your beard is your flag bearer, so much so that if you were to beshipwrecked, rumour has it a guy can see the radiation of his fellow bearded brother’s beard and this will help him to get to shore if there was ever a state of emergency of that nature.

Not too short, not too long …. you can be excused on this occasion when you’re at the beard salon to expect to act like a prima donna, but the longer the better (in my opinion). I heard there is a new Harry Potter film due to release soon, maybe stardom could even be awaiting you …. because of your beard!

The Bearded Captain leaves you with this bit of advice, perfume your beard (Mont Blanc Legend is a perfume I prefer to use) and even use hairwax. When I was a Bearded Prince, my choice was David Beckham’s hair wax, but now I mainly use beard oil. I think it’s fair to say I have given you a lot of advice over these past few days young bearded one.

PS please note I am from Manchester, emphasis on the MAN- chester. For those of you who don’t want to embrace the inner man (grow a beard) , but live in my city, please note the city of Womanchester is only 20 minutes away. There you might feel at home, anyway It’s over and out from The Bearded Captain.


Alhamdulillah, yours truly in his bearded magnificence. Today, will go down as a tribute to our bearded grandfather from Cuba, Fidel Castro.


The Day Of The Bearded Captain; Cuban Pimp Day


Alhamdulillah, yours truly in his bearded magnificence. Today, will go down as Cuban Pimp day. Bearded brothers rejoice!


Hello and greetings from The Bearded Captain,I hope all my soldiers are doing well and are in the process of growing beards, if you haven’t already. So let me tell you about my day, I know you’re dying to know about it!

To tell you about my day today, I have to make a mention of the day before. It started with a very random decision for me to “suit up!” I mentioned this to my colleague and with a look of confusion, he just politely smiled at the suggestion.

So the first thing to note here, when The Bearded Captain says he’s going to suit up, he isn’t joking. This is something I don’t joke about, I can joke about anything else, but the suit is like the bearded body armour and tops of The Bearded Captain look, alongside the trilby of course.

As previously mentioned fellow bearded men, you are now irresistible to men and women alike, so you need to have the right mind to deal with it like I do. So after waking up and going to McDonald’s with my bestie Joseph (in the Cuban Pimp look as well I must add), the admiring looks were many, so be cool calm and collected this is a must.

A walk with a bit of swag and the look that you’re the boss is natural, but don’t make it too obvious to the no doubt admiring public.

With the looks of the ultimate man mashaaAllah and the panache of a Cuban Pimp, glances were many and comments of awe were many too. Fellow beardy, be calm in such situations, you wouldn’t be in such a situation if it wasn’t for your man fur. It doesn’t need you, no no …. you need it!

So into work I walked, wary of the jaws dropping with my elegance and Va Va Voom mashaaAllah. “You look sharp” and “you look nice” comments followed, but alhamdulillah I know.

The comment which topped it off, though, was this one “you look like a sugar daddy”, my dear I am the daddy …. there’s a difference. Why I make such a statement, that is due to the empowerment that the man fur gives me (Allah huma barik).

Fellow beardy’s, today in work was dress down day, but in the life of The Bearded Captain, one doesn’t do dress down. The only time one does dress down is when everyone dresses up. Bearded Prince of mine, be proud of being different!

We are unique, there’s a difference. Not many people in life, are prepared to make a sacrifice (keeping a beard), but the satisfaction of accompishing something, makes it all worth it. I can’t keep doing these blogs, without mentioning The Bearded Captain’s mentor The Commander and Chief (Alpha) ….. Ahmed Rashid.

Now we have mentioned about needing an attitude to grow the beard, boys and girls my teacher (The Commander and Chief) has played a pivotal role in making me the beard I am today.

The Bearded Captain, leaves you with this piece of advice, never forget your beginnings bearded brethren. Today  (25th November) will go down in the calendar as Cuban Pimp day, fellow bearded brothers on this day, be sure to suit up!

A Day In The Life Of The Bearded King


Alhamdulillah, this is an example of bearded magnificence


Bearded magnificence, doesn’t come to all naturally. Some are born with it, some have to take special measures to allow the man fur to come into their lives. If you are Asian like me, this isn’t usually the case, we seem to have face on our hair as soon as we come out of our mother’s wombs.

Alhamdulillah, to be The Bearded Prince (or King in my case), The Bearded Knight In Shining Armour, my journey to be The Bearded King of my kingdom took years of patience and “you should shave this off, coz you look ugly”.

Hold on Mrs Hamilton, no need to get jealous because your facial hair isn’t as good as mine Allah Huma Barik. To get your facial hair as good as mine, first thing let it grow (Alhamdulillah) and second allow the inner man to take over.

Stating the obvious you might think, you think right but you will be surprised for how many men ignore this fact and take the easy route out (shaving). Fellas no no, just don’t it’s just not worth it!

I know you fellas love to be the top dog in front of the lads and the centre of attention in front of the ladies. With a simple ingredient fellas (a beard) walla this can be accomplished! You may have an itchy face and want to scratch so hard you have scars, but the right chick will know you’re a patient one and that you’re a keeper.

The facial hair is not enough, it’s all fair and well having your new bearded companion as well as the comb, but you need that self belief. So, fellow bearded men, women (actual women and clean-shaven men) let me tell you about my day.

It started off simple enough, you know the usual come into work to the preisdential welcome,let people that they can get my signed autograph at 11am, you know just the usual.

Why such the comotion over me, I am not saying it’s due to my facial hair, (but it is). The carefree attitude I have and the non-stop banter are key elements to being The Bearded King being able to rule his kingdom.

Walking the walk is one thing, but no sir you need to have the self belief when talking to people too. Me sir, Alhamdulillah when I talk they love to laugh it’s like my words are like as magical  as my facial hair.

Bearded fellas let them know (non bearded imposters) who is the king of the castle. To grow such magnificence on your face signifies, you are confident who you are. With this confidence with speaking and in real life, to keep the chicks at bay, even for the strongest and devout men can be hard.

A beard is 99% attitude  (this could include some slick head wear *see image*)and 1% actually growing it, but 110% magnificent. My day Alhamdulillah was awesome because I have Allah and my beard, along side the comb (second wife) and beard oil (the mistress), what else do you need in life?

PS Jack my Bearded Prince carries beard oil and he will follow in my footsteps if I retire, but can you actually retire from being this awesome and having such awesome facial hair ? (mashaaAllah) . Boys and girls I think not.

The Perfect Cake By Professor Choco Cake Lover


This image isn’t suitable for younger views



Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls I am sure you have been aware that I have been writing some blog posts of some “scientific findings”. My first study was over the Dixy Chicken burger and the other study was of the man fur that is the beard.

This blog post will let you know the outcome of my other study, the study of the chocolate cake. Again just like our friends at Dixy Chicken, this time our other friends at Dessert Republic also in Chorlton Manchester, to deserve an epic high five.

Located in the town centre of the Chorlton town centre, boys and girls these chappies make you feel like the bee’s knees (and no I am not on comission either), I genuinely mean this . For those of you who know me, you would know I am an avid researcher in the field of eating and in particular the eating of cakes.

The cake is a cake, some argue ….. if you are of this opinion, please don’t get offended when I say this, but if anyone holds that opinion I will have to buy a 10lb weight of fish and slap it accross your face. You would deserve it too!

Anyway,a cake isn’t just a cake ….. no no, not even close. A cake comes in different forms, there is the supermarket cake, there’s Karim’s cake, the Nawaab’s cake and O yes the beautiful Dessert Republic cake.

As I have said this before, I consider myself an expert in the field. Well putting on the weight that I have done, that surely hasn’t gone in vain let me assure you! So boys and girls what makes the good cake.

I have noted a few different examples of cake, let’s start with the bad examples. That is Karim’s’ cake and that of the supermarket stuff. Now, some may argue I am being harsh, but no when they say sponge cake, I don’t literally expecting to be eating the sponge. If I wanted to eat the scouring pad, I would have done by buying some from the £1 shop, but no thanks, not on this occasion.

I could have poured my whole glass of water in there and it still would have been hard as a rock. Talk about stuck between a rock in a hard place!

Not too moist, no no but not too dry is the reason why both the supermarket cake and Karims’ cake is out of the running, guys I have done my research I know what I am talking about.

When I have a cake, I want it to be as soft and warm as my heart and not as hard and cold as my ex’s. Nawaab’s and the Dessert Republic both do this perfectly (cake at the right temperature) , but the reason why I love the Dessert Republic cake is because it’s a place you can go to day in, day out and even Nawaabs have had a bad day at the office.

Your visit to Dessert Republic isn’t one to do on your own, because that’s the key rule when going out (never eat or drink on your own) but that isn’t saying bother the person randomly at your next table and pretend that you know them, that’s just creepy.

I have never done that … honest hahaha.

Soft, and melt in your mouth like cake which is succulent and not too soft and not too hard is what a cake should be, with the smooth chocolate gushing as you press your spooon into the cake,  the guys at the Dessert Republic I literally salute you. Just when I thought the art form of the perfect cake was dying out, you my friend said “we got this Ayyaz” and you were true to your word.

The nice sprinkle of the Dessert Republic on my plate, that just makes something better and better. Am I being biased? Check for yourself. Nawaabs is good, but it doesn’t have the same touch, personal touch as what the Dessert Republic has. I rest my case, I will take my blank cheque in the post ….. thank you.

*Disclaimer, I wrote this for part sattire and for my general love of Dessert Republic and my views don’t represent theirs thank you*

The Bearded Captain Here With A Few Words


Alhamdulillah, this is an example of bearded magnificence

Hello, greetings from your Bearded Captain. Before I was appointed (or self-appointed) as The Bearded Captain, life was very sad *sad face*. I before my new fancy title was known as Ayyaz Malik, a man who was epic, but didn’t believe the hype of his own magnificence with a beard, hence why I didn’t have one.

I have grown up to become quite the man alhamdulillah and with The All Mighty’s help, quite the beard too. Big,thick and with ginger strands …. ladies please I am reserved for the special one.

Sorry to be such the heartthrob and heartbreaker, but it’s the perils of having facial hair I guess. Just a polite note to you fellas who might be reading this post, please note you can be just as magnificent as me (alhamdulillah).

It’s not really a secret, nope nothing like the Colonel’s secret in what he puts in the KFC chicken scale of secret, no sir ….. not at all! This young man is something quite simple, grow a beard!

I can’t, I hear some of you say – No, don’t worry at least don’t use the razor, this is for “women”. A man’s face is magnificent (Allah Huma Barik) of course it is, it’s created by the all mighty, let nature take its path.

Fella’s let me let you into the magic of growing some “facial fur”. It keeps you warm, it’s like a napkin (it catches your food) and most obviously it makes you a babe magnet. Another thing, you can have the chance of an extra 15-20 minutes lie in because you’re not shaving, o yes!

So let me tell you of my journey in growing a beard, it was nothing too special, but something I feel I should share. It was a cold miserable night and my stubble was a week old. Fed up of the teppie Jaw Lines and looking like “Shaz or Immy” from Bradford, I felt “Na Bro” I’m a banda innit.

Not liking shaving from the start, I said “sod this” enough is enough! It’s time to grow up and embrace the inner man. Scared how people will react, I threw caution to the wind and morphed into this magnificent specimen that is me (Ayyaz Malik ,The Bearded Captain).

All my life, I was shy in front of the boys and girls, but with my new found friend (my beard) I had to readjust my mindset and deal with the newly found female attention. They would laugh and giggle, I felt like a rock star – except I don’t do the sex, drugs + rock and roll.

To couple with my beard, my humour grew on people too …. it was like my beard mesmerised people and made them up for a laugh. Everything I touched turned to gold, Alhamdulillah.

It can be distracting to fend off so many people who love you coz of your new found fame (your beard), but it’s good for the “man pride”. Ladies if you’re jealous of the man fur, I am afraid you can’t grow it like we can, although some try their best.

The Bearded Captain leaves you with this last piece of advice. Growing a beard teaches you a few life skills. How to be awesome, magnificent and most of all patient (for the married men, due to praying women being mesmerised by the handsomeness of your face mashaaAllah).

My beard and I love you and leave you, bearded fellas don’t forget your comb. The comb is your new life long companion! It’s over and out from The Bearded Captain.

Dixy (The Best A Man Can Get)


DISCLAIMAER; This image, is not suitable to be viewed by “little boys”.

For a man with a beard and someone who really takes pride in his facial hair, naturally, I will rebuke the “slogan” “Gillette, the best a man can get”. Not only is the phrase non-sensical, it’s “not true”.

Now why I say this is simple, I say this because with the greatest respect (my blog is my own opinion I must add as well),but come on guys a guy who doesn’t have a beard doesn’t look too dissimilar to a woman,well in the case of some men anyway.

Yes, there’s men like Christiano Ronaldo, who some see as the ultimate man, but anyway back to my original point. Nature intended for a man to let his beard grow, global corporations brought in the razor blade…. fact!

For the men amongst us, like myself I am sure you are not “too fussy”. Well, I know I am not anyway. I am a guy who has a shaved head and a beard and always like to dress, smart casual.

Yes, these days I have slightly changed that (my fashion sense) with the purchase of my trilby (my pride and joy) but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for the chicken burger. The chicken burger is arguably the best gift to mankind.

Why do I say such a thing? Well, the reason is simple soft bread with the most succulent pieces of chicken sandwiched in between, is one of the best to come on planet earth.

The chicken burger has many “imitations”. Chicken Cottage, Chunky Chicken, KFC or Kansas are decent burgers, but boys take a step back and make way for the “true king” in the chicken burger department … Dixy Chicken!

With a waistline which proves my knowledge of the chicken burger, arguably I am a historian in the field. I  also call myself a connoisseur in the field or as the cool kids call it burger fiend.

Whereas some settle for burger mediocrity, me sir ….. no way! You are not pulling the wool over my eyes. Let’s all take a minute and give Dixy a standing salute *literally stands up and salutes*.

Why such overboard praise I hear you say, let me tell you the story of how my love affair with that fine piece of meat started. I was young, slim and recently  became single at the time.

Sad at this fact, I turned to my local Dixy Chicken in Chorlton Manchester,for comfort. I had spent  a week long “dedicated mission” of having burgers from a burgerland  called Hardys and from the farm of McDonaldsville where meaty chicken burgers were served.

This holy land of burgers (Ajman) was crucial in my early struggle of my study of the Chicken burger.

“She” ( the mega mix burger meal)  was caring and very welcoming as I took my quest and resarch to “Dixyville.I opened her box, The moment was special, even if there were pervs looking at mine and the chicken burgers unadulterated love.

Mega Mix, just made me want more. It was “her” beautiful texture of chicken meat that had my heart racing. I felt like a teenager seeing his first crush all over again. Dixy was obviously happy to see me too, “she” really made an effort for me. If that’s not love I don’t know what is, there were no complications.

No small talk was needed, just pure me eating “her baps” and enjoying the mayo that was wrapped in the burger. Now for the perfect burger, one must have it at the right temperature, it’s only fitting for such.

Not too crunchy and not too salty, the boys at Dixy deserve some epic high fives. That isn’t all that makes their chicken as Magnifique as it is. For good chicken, it has to be the right colour as well.

Too greasy and too “masala” like are an absolute no-no. Devouring the taste of the burger on your fingers is one thing, but to have the masala run over your fingers is absolutely another and a big red flag!

You’re probably thinking, this doesn’t prove (my study). But this is a scientific study, that isn’t based on logic, facts or even stats. The equation is simple, megamix burger, plus a portion of chips and cup of Pepsi = a very happy young man indeed.

As this is a delicate study and will  arguably take years to fully understand it’s magnificence, I will be “self-sacrificing myself” to carry on with my goal of studying the chicken burger universe and eating more when I can.

All that is left now is for a grant from a top university, to aid me in my “selfless work” of the study of the chicken burger. Guys someone has got to do it and yours truly Mr Bearded Prince (Professor Dixy Chicken Lover)  will “sacrifice” himself xx.

PS, a special mention must go to Roosters in Altrincham, but sorry fellas you are no Dixy Chicken Chorlton. My selfless burger eating research is an ongoing struggle, but I am willing to “take one for the team”.

No, I insist it’s ok guys, really it’s ok.

Just My Thoughts




Hi, lovely people who are kind enough to have followed this blog. I hope you are all well and in good spirits. I am doing this blog to sincerely apologise to you lovely people, the reason why I apologise is because I haven’t written any content in ages.

Now, this is hardly content what I am writing now, but this is still me writing what’s on my mind, which is what I do with the sports when I write about that, or even any other issue for that matter.

I want to tell you a little about myself if you would be so kind and allow me to explain (please read on) . As you know, my name is Ayyaz Malik (that probably explains the blog name duh).

I am 30 years old and if you haven’t gathered by now, I love writing! What is it that I love about writing I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but the feeling of expressing your “inner you” is probably the thing I appreciate the most.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to clarify I have some brilliant people around me. Some good family and some fantastic friends. A fantastic friend like one who stayed up past 12’oclock and texted me a happy birthday, now I don’t celebrate my birthday, but me, I am one of those who really appreciates “small gestures” like that.

Why? Simply because people think they’re small and don’t see the “big issue”. I mention this again, be grateful for what you have in your life and sometimes what you don’t have in your life. Alhamdulillah, I have another friend who would call me everyday, why? to let me know I needed him. This blog post is going to be a very frank and honest post, about my life and my outlook on life in general.

For long periods of my life, I have been someone who has been quiet, shy and reserved. Sorry, let me clarify that, very shy – shy so much so on a time when my then wife’s family came over to see me for the first time I booted it out of the room with a face redder than a tomato.

I want to clarify this was a room full of women. Maybe this would have been “the casanova dream” for some, but me I was too busy shaking like a leaf. That incident leads, to a lot of teasing and on the odd occasion even to this day.

Again there is a reason why I am writing this, even if you don’t see it at this part of the blog. Now, online is a very unpredictable, beautiful and crazy place at the same time and some of you have probably seen me being quite prominent on there.

I have changed somewhat these days, I am more open and expressive, but my general makeup is the same. (just to give you an example of the person behind the keyboard).

Don’t be fooled of how I come across on there, I am still quiet to an extent (keyword being extent). Now when I was younger, I had “special needs”, now I mention this because this is a part of me and who I am today.

In my young childhood years, I would go to a “special school”, taken by mum in the morning, every morning, from then (that day to this day) she has been a massive supporter of mine.

Being someone of a “disability”, sometimes this would lead to some uncalled for taunts from bullies. This could bring lesser people down, but one thing I learnt and I suppose a large part of this was the influence of my mum, don’t give up and there is no such word as can’t.

This is not a blog post to gloat far from it, but merely an attempt to inspire you the reader who reads this post. In life, it’s easy to give up and say no I can’t do this and that. Me myself I was often mocked for apparently being stupid (or sorry to offend,being classed as a retard).

Others may have been deterred and gave up on their hopes and dreams after such comments, but I want to say don’t give up on your dreams. Sure the dreams might not come when you want it, but they will come when you need it.

Me myself,I spent a huge part of my life in a different profession but my love for writing and media work, in general, was too strong. I spent 12 years, yes 12 years in another profession thinking that my dream wouldn’t come true, but certain things changed in my life which inspired change.

The break-up of my marriage, which was for the best (everything happens for the best). This was one thing which inspired to “just go for it”, life is too short. I am 30 years old now and in my eyes, life is just beginning.

Me being a man of faith, I thank god 110%, no doubt about it. With prayer, hard work and sheer self-belief, I am a freelance sports writer, a soon to be an author and a TV pundit on the British Muslim TV channel, (yes that’s shameless plugging).

The moral of this blog post/story? Don’t give up and if you want something that bad, fight for it! I wanted to share this to inspire you and hopefully, those who need that “kick up the backside” to go and grab life by the horns.

People who know me, still don’t believe me that I am where I am, why? Well, they obviously were clouded in doubts, but anyway back to the point. Don’t give up on your dream, yes it may take sacrifice, some “miserable nights” and “unsung work”, but it will be worth it end the end.

Thanks if you have got this far, but that’s all I want to say xx.