The Bearded Captain’s Guide Of What To Wear

Hello and greetings from your Bearded Captain. I pray that inshaaAllah you’re all well. Since I love you so much, and I know the feeling is mutual ;). Boys and girls I have another instalment or insight from my wonderful mind and I give you today’s instalment from The Bearded Captain …… The Bearded Attire,Continue reading “The Bearded Captain’s Guide Of What To Wear”

The Bearded Captain; The Bearded Commandements

Hello and greetings from the bearded captain. I pray that my soldiers are well inshaaAllah. Even as your captain, I must apologise and say that sorry for not being “around”. You see the thing is, I was just testing you all to see how you would react when there’s no one around. Would the miceContinue reading “The Bearded Captain; The Bearded Commandements”