The Bearded Captain with a Monday Message

  Hello and greetings from your Bearded Captain, I pray that all my soldiers are well and are maintaining their beards. For those of you men who aren’t on the true way (by growing a beard) then know that I am a patient Captain and my door is always open for you when you seeContinue reading “The Bearded Captain with a Monday Message”

The Bearded Captain; “Don’t Do A Brosnan Guys”

  Hello, greetings and good evening from me your Bearded Captain. I am sorry I haven’t been around of late my beloved soldiers, please forgive me for this. As much as I love you wonderful souls, The Captain has been in Bearded Hibernation. What that means, boys and girls – ladies, gentleman and clean shavenContinue reading “The Bearded Captain; “Don’t Do A Brosnan Guys””