Is Jurgen Top Of The Klopps For Arsenal?

Arsenal endured yet another frustrating day in front of their own fans. This time however it was ‘old adversaries’ Manchester United. United came into this evenings game to the Emirates with a rather underwhelming start to the campaign, with that in mind – one must have thought that ‘ it’s a good time’ to playContinue reading “Is Jurgen Top Of The Klopps For Arsenal?”

Football Manager- One Of The Few Jobs That Doesn’t Have A Probationary Period

For many it is seen as the dream job, a job where you can get the yearly income that your heart desires- a lot more than what your heart desires in certain circumstances. Being a Football manager for quite a few is a concept they would like, the football manager video game being very popularContinue reading “Football Manager- One Of The Few Jobs That Doesn’t Have A Probationary Period”

What Arsenal Need To Do To Be More Competitive

In life you have to endure some difficult moments, it’s just part and parcel of life itself. In footballing terms though however Arsenal fans have been suffering more than usual it seems. Season after season Arsene Wenger talks about how his Arsenal side will be more competitive in the’ big games’ , unfortunately though theContinue reading “What Arsenal Need To Do To Be More Competitive”