How to manage a lockdown

Hello and good evening my Bearded Soldiers, it’s me your Bearded Captain, leader of all beards on digital media and digital broadcasting media. I am that beard who tries to make people laugh and I am that beard who tries to make people smile.

My brothers, I hope you’re well and looking after your beards. Brothers, as you know of course, we are in a Coronavirus Pandemic and in a Lockdown too. My Bearded Soldiers, I know this brings it’s challenges, but I am here for you.

My beloved’s this Lockdown maybe a bit inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be this way. For most of you, you are working from home, not having to wake up an hour earlier than the sane humans. The insanity, is from those who decide to shave their face.

To make sure you do it carefully and properly, it takes 20 minutes of your day, 20 minutes of your day that can be used elsewhere! There’s also not a need to run out of the door and eat your toast whilst starting your journey of being stuck in a traffic jam. If only you just grew a beard!

The only jam, most of you have to deal with, is the stuff you put on your toast. So, with the morning routine done and arriving at work, some of you will start work as per normal. For those who are homeworkers, you won’t have to contend with the morning traffic jam and you can start your day working at your make-shift office.

Working from home is great, toilet isn’t out of order, the canteen is great and there’s no rush hour to contend with when getting back from work. It may seem advantageous, but with us being in a lockdown, a daily schedule could get repetitive.

If you fear this, worry not, your Captain is here! Brothers, first thing that is needed is a good start to the day. how to achieve this , is when you wake up, thank the one who gave you your beard. Clean yourself and your beard!

Your man fur, is your money maker and needs to be cleaned. TLB (Tender love Of Beard) is necessary. I am sure you know that there is Beard Shampoo, which emphasizes the need to care for your beard. Exercise your mind, and your body too.

An active body, can help keep a mind active and healthy too. In these times, a healthy mind is crucial. Look after your beard, comb it and put product on it too. A tidy well kept beard shows discipline and helps you make you more organized. It brings in some law and order.

An unkept and untidy beard, opens up to laziness. Laziness can have the polar opposite effect on a mind, that’s dangerous. Brothers, I have wrote somethings you can do to help you in lockdown, but not in a religious order.

What’s necessary is that you make sure you complete your check list. Comedy videos, embarking on your creative side also can help you too. Brothers, we did in a previous post talk about surviving in lockdown, but I felt the need to remind to just remind myself of a tidy beard.

One reason which made me type this out, was that Father Malik had to address me about a messy beard. Brothers, a tidy beard and physically combing and styling your beard works wonders. Find time for you, and find time for your beard, you will grow grey and old together.

Your friends and family, are being forced to social distance from you, but your beard though? That’s exempt. Remember that brothers your beard will go into isolation with you if need be. That’s true love my Bearded Soldiers, just don’t forget that love your beard will show you, ever.

It’s over and out from your Bearded Captain.

Sports and COVID-19

For the past year, it’s dominated our lives and it’s dominated the news headlines too. I am not referring to Brexit, which in amongst itself has been a constant topic on everyone’s lips, I am indeed talking about the Coronavirus (Covid19). What started in December 2019 it’s believed (hence the name) has been a topic and an issue that’s still just as prevalent as it was over 12 months ago.

The virus has affected all aspects of life. From work, to shopping, to getting  a haircut and sports athletes too.  Supermarkets were rationing, which in turn lead to a Royal Rumble in its own right. In England and the rest of the UK is in yet another lockdown, where barber shops are closed and a lot of shops- recognised shops from the high street are closed. Here, I want to talk about the Coronavirus from more of the sporting side of things.

As mentioned, sports stars/athletes have been affected by Covid19 with many of these sports stars we adore and idolise suffering from Covid. So sports has been carrying on, but not with some of the worlds best and most known athletes. Football matches have been cancelled and rearranged and sports like snooker are just competing in one arena.

This year’s snooker masters tournament, just like with the other snooker tournaments that have been in a bubble environment. Cricket has been the same too, but in this article I want to talk about sports and is sports setting a bad example during covid?

Well, yes sport is but at the same time, I feel sport is unfairly targeted. Problems in the world, such as racism .. it seems like sport is solely responsible to sort the problems of society on the whole. The other side of this topic is, there’s been moments like football players clearly breaching lockdown guidelines, but at the same time the nations Prime Minister has fallen foul of the rules too.

Now if our leader isn’t following the rules, then how can we single out sports stars? There has been incidents such as India’s cricketers being seen at a Melbourne restaurant. Or the fact the Milijovic and Mitrovic been seen together.

But the one case which really took the biscuit was Manchester United’s women taking a trip to Dubai. This has caused a knock on affect in this current time for the women’s game. Sport has been seen by many as being some form of antidote to those who have mental vulnerabilities during this lockdown.

The Lockdown survival guide

Hello and greeting my Bearded Soldiers, it’s me your Bearded Captain, leader of all beards and flag bearer of all beards on digital, and digital broadcasting media.

I am that beard who tries to make people laugh and I am that beard who tries to make people smile.

My beloved’s, I hope you’re well and looking after yourselves, and looking after your beards too.

Brothers, we are in a lockdown again, as you know and you will also know this is a tough time for many.

But brothers, this is the hand we have been given, and we need to learn to play the game with cards we have been given.

In this piece, what I want to do, is give you lovely souls a basic guide and some steps in how to deal with this Lockdown.

We have had the experience of it before, but this one could be longer, but don’t worry brother’s your Captain is here to steer the ship!

Your Bearded Leader, below shares with you seven ways to get through this Coronavirus;

Keep yourself occupied

Now this maybe simple, maybe even a tad stating the obvious, but it’s so important! When I say keep yourself occupied that doesn’t mean on Facebook all day.

It’s addictive, I understand I get it, but Facebook is good in moderation. Just like with video games they’re not mentally stimulating.

So what I mean is, look to maybe watch a movie, watch some comedies or even watch that box set you have always watched.

Social media, is a very dangerous world if not used correctly. In normal times, you will be going out with your mates, but not now of course.

Do some reading, do some cross words. Train your brain, in times of being lockdown it could really zap your mind.

So just, all in all keep yourself occupied. Why? Just to keep your mind busy, if you make your mind lazy, you will be holding yourself captive to negativity.

Learn a new skill

I am sure, there’s one thing each and everyone have you has dreamt of doing in their life.

For some it maybe singing, even if you sound like a strangled cat. For others it maybe cooking, even if your cooking kills people’s appetite rather than feed it.

Even if you can’t sing like me (even though I have bled many ears trying). Or even if you can’t cook (yes I have got mixed up with salt and sugar).

But in my case I make a mean eggs on toast ;), Michelin’ five star I have you know … not..

This lockdown can be tough, if you let it. There’s no better time, to start writing that book, or learn to play that guitar.

If you do learn to play an instrument or sing like Phoebe from Friends , you might want to give your neighbour some noise cancelling headphones.

In a COVID sensitive way of course. Remember those neighbours, will be in lockdown too, show them so mercy!

I am being, humorous as you can tell . But, now is the time to dust off ambitions and aspirations that you allowed to put a side on the shelf and gather dust.


This goes with out saying. The need to rest the mind is crucial. To be able to fuel that creativity your mind needs to be fresh.

Mother Captain, always advises seven hours of asleep, but what ever you don’t be asleep till past 10.

She’s a lady who knows a thing or two and she’s not a lady to mess with lol. A fresh body, helps with a fresh mind.


To keep your mind active and busy, I advise a good exercise regime. No, I am not advising to do The Great North Run.

What I am saying is, do some exercise consistently in a day. Doesn’t have to be weights, it can be a long power walk or jog.

Exercise of any guide, releases endorphins and this helps create a positive energy within, and stay in shape too!

Bad news, If you love burgers. Yes, I have violated myself there. Maybe you could do some gardening, or even decorating.

You might know the first thing about using the roller or dashing a lick of paint, but you got some free time to now learn!

When it comes to Gardening, I don’t expect you to be Alan Titchmarsh. You will some cutting hedge technology to make gardening a success.

Let’s face it, day time TV is terrible, how many days can you bear to see Bradley Walsh’s face!

It’s keeping you active and can be exercise.

Work on your goals

I am sure, well had some goals, that we didn’t Believe we would achieve. There’s many reasons for whatever did happen, for it to happen.

Guys use this time as you time, it’s a chance to achieve what you wanted to. Dreams aren’t only Do in sleep.

Keep family and friends in your life

Without good friends and family in your life. Life will be that much more tougher. They’re good for support and to help you where no other can.

They will be the unsung hero in this lockdown for sure.

Be charitable

This one might be hard you think due to Covid, but it Doesn’t have to be.

You get many people giving to a homeless person and then upload to Instagram straight after for E-approval, but brothers we’re not like that.

We are used to the approval, we have grown our beards and we get enough stares and glances of admiration.

Giving to others, is of course a good deed, but it helps you be grateful, but it also helps you by making yourself feel better.

People love to feel good about themselves, and what Better way? We can’t forget to mention there are old and vulnerable locked in their homes.

Most people, can walk around in their garden for some exercise and fresh. There are the elderly who are alone and have no one, and can’t go outside to get some air.

We can arrange calls to them via Zoom or Skype for example. A simple act, but something that could go along way.

So my brothers there is my list and ways to survive this lockdown, but what do you think?

Let me know in the comments. It’s over and out from The Bearded Captain.

Saturday FA Cup Round up

In a season, that started late due to the ongoing Covid situation, this year’s FA Cup third round got under way, pretty much as per usual.

Marine, Chorley and Stockport are three sides from Non-League football and have done brilliantly to get this far.

At time of writing, Lancastrians Chorley shocked the footballing world with a 2-0 win against Championship side Derby.

Upon further reflection, it can be argued that this result for Chorley, isn’t that much of a shock due to The Rams’ first team squad being depleted . This has been due to a Covid outbreak in the East Midlands side first team.

The fourth round and fifth round draw, will be taking place later on today. Manchester United who are one of the most successful teams in the FA Cup , put their name into the hat for round four with a hard-fought 1-0 win against Championship play-off chasing Watford.

Despite The Hornets having plenty of good moments in the game, Watford weren’t able to fashion too many good chances and can arguably see this as a chance lost in getting to round four.

Holders Arsenal, beat Newcastle 2-0, to carry on their recent good form. The Gunners left it late, and they need Extra Time to get through.

Andy Carrol had a great chance in normal time for The Magpies , but the striker missed a chance, which can only be described as a sitter.

West Brom, are still yet to win under new Head Coach Sam Allardyce, after his West Brom side were beaten on penalties by League one side Blackpool.

Fellow Premier League strugglers Sheffield United won for the first time in six months, after they beat League two side Bristol Rovers 3-2.

There’s plenty more action to commence later today, with matches including Marine vs Tottenham, Newport vs Brighton and Manchester City vs Birmingham.

Here at, we will be providing a round up of today’s matches this evening. See you then!

Midweek football round up

Defending champions Liverpool opened up a three point lead at the top of the table, but were frustrated by a dogged Newcastle side who earned a 0-0 draw.

This fixture was a far cry from the legendary matches up between these two sides which always seemed to produce thrilling finales.

Visitors Liverpool, were making most of the running and had the better of the game, but weren’t able to leave St James’ Park with the crucial three points, they so dearly craved.

As a consequence of this result, arch-rivals Manchester United could join The Reds at the top of the Premier League summit (if they win their game in hand), after they held their side of the bargain, all be it with a last gasp winner by Marcus Rashford against Wolves, the night before.

That win for The Red Devils, was just their second at Old Trafford this season, but more importantly potentially helps them go joint top with Jurgen Klopp’s men, should they win their game in hand.

It’s been a very strange season, with many (including myself) at one point or another criticising United this term.

Whether you’re enthused by this United team or not, it’s been a very consistent team of late, especially away from home.

From second place United (30 points) to ninth places Southampton (26 points) is an example of just how competitive this season’s Premier League has been.

That draw for champions Liverpool, is their second successive draw, but at the moment not too much damage has been done, as they’re still top of the table.

Elsewhere Leeds, achieved the most emphatic win of the week, with a 5-0 win over West Brom.

Manchester City vs Everton and Tottenham vs Fulham, were both called due to covid concerns. Saints manager Ralph Hasenhuttl, who had family members, with symptoms, ended up self isolating.

We wish all those affected with covid, a speedy recovery.