Leather vs chain strap

Hello and good evening, greetings my name is the Bearded Captain, leader of all beards and flag bearer of all beards on digital media.

I am not that bears who tries to make people laugh, and I am that beard who tries to make people smile.

I hope you’re looking after yourselves and more importantly I hope you’re looking after your beards!

My bearded soldiers what I want to talk about, Is an issue in regards to dress shall we say.

To be more specific, it’s wrist wear I’m talking about, not a bracelet, but a watch. There are a few different kind of watches.

Leather straps, a metal strap and a elasticated strap. In short, the bracelet watch strap, in my humble just doesn’t do it for me.

Why? Because it suffocates the skin and leaves a mark on the arms/wrists. There are the other two options though, the leather strap and the metal chain too.

With the metal chain, arguably when it’s a cold day, you feel the cold metal chill. It’s a small thing, but not a biggy.

Perfect for smart casual and even a suit too, but anything formal, just doesn’t go well with anything smart I feel.

Maybe a smart watch, or anything with a plastic strap suits it better. The same for a leather strap watch, it is better suited for smart causal look or a suit.

One thing of note, with a leather watch you have to be careful in the summer. When it’s hot, the leather can almost feel worn and it oozes a not pleasant smell .

Just like with the bracelet watch, where it leaves mark, the leather one can too. This could be counteracted by getting a leather strapped watch with good quality leather, and not imitation leather as I have seen.

Well that’s my thoughts, do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

A fine example of a leather watch, here I offer my thoughts on the watch straps available