Younis Khan Breaks The Record In Emphatic Pakistan Win

There is no greater achievement in life than exceeding targets, Younus Khan that’s the case. The former Pakistan cricket captain yesterday broke the record for most centuries scored by a Pakistani batsmen in test match cricket. The Right-Handed batsmen has now scored 26 centuries in 92 tests, passing former captain Inzamam Ul Haq’s 25 centuries.Continue reading “Younis Khan Breaks The Record In Emphatic Pakistan Win” Talks Tactics

They say in music the 2nd album is the hardest album to make,such an analogy could be used with Manchester City. The Citizens were last seasons premier league champions, their title was fully deserved with a near flawless home record and the fact that City scored over 100 goals in the season always helps. TheContinue reading “ Talks Tactics”

Will The ISL Bring To The Football World What The IPL Did For Cricket?

It’s a well established fact that India as far as the global economy is concerned, India is a financial super power, it’s the 2nd biggest economy to China if I am not mistaken. As far as the global sporting is concerned India will be looking to make the same kind of impact in the globalContinue reading “Will The ISL Bring To The Football World What The IPL Did For Cricket?”

Is Football Back In The Dark Ages?

Football is blessed with a unique gift – a gift where it can unite a nation together, and how it stands up for social justice. For example has many regulatory bodies that are trying to eradicate the evil disease that is not only in football but society itself- racism. Campaigns such as Respect which isContinue reading “Is Football Back In The Dark Ages?”


Football clubs these days tend to appoint overseas managers,Chelsea and Fulham to name some.Here at we’re going to analyse to see if premier league clubs and more football league clubs in general maybe missing a trick by not appointing English managers. What we will make you aware of is the talented managers who areContinue reading “THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT THE FUTURE IS ENGLISH?”


If David Moyes’ start at Manchester United has been hard, its fair to say Gerrardo Martino it hasn’t exactly been a stroll in the park for the former Newell Old Boys manager. Here at we take a closer look to see if the so called ‘tika taka’ style of football is to blame forContinue reading “IS IT TICKA TOCKA FOR ‘TIKA TAKA’?”


(David Moyes has found it tough since replacing Sir Alex) He was given one of the toughest tasks in world football, replace Sir Alex Ferguson one of the most successful managers of all time and in world football. Sir Alex’s successor David Moyes has found it very hard in his first season, in this articleContinue reading “SHOULD DAVID MOYES BE SACKED?”