Apple Iwatch Review

The Apple Iwatch despite its sunning looks, doesn't offer anything really different to what their rivals are offering.
The Apple Iwatch despite its sunning looks, doesn’t offer anything really different to what their rivals are offering.

How do they do it? How do Apple market their products in such a way to make them enticing, even though they always seem to be a step or 2 behind their rivals. Apple are going to release the eagerly anticipated Iwatch , and what can be said about there watch already is that it’s bound to be popular, after all it’s made by Apple. The Californian company have come into this market very late as you already know. Apple’s rivals Samsung and Sony Respectively, have already released their versions of watches several years earlier with similar features to what Apple are boasting of now.

The Apple Iwatch has all kinds of apps on it, but none of them seem to be that new or ground breaking. My brothers Smart Watch has apps such as Whatsapp on it, Apple boast of different coloured straps with all the colours of the rainbow available, again Apple’s rivals already give the consumer that option.

What potentially sets Apple apart from it’s rivals is that they know how to market a product. Apple could make a Alarm Clock and their marketing team would know how to make cues run miles long out of retail stores. With the example of the Iwatch it self though , the looks of the watch device is a thing of beauty, and the sheer elegance of the way Apple designs it’s products is something to be admired.

Maybe it’s a bit hypocritical then for me to criticise Apple as I am writing this review with a Apple Laptop . Even in that sector (laptops/ tablets devices) Apple’s functionality may not be as good as it’s rivals, but the looks are something which some may define as beauty itself.

If reports are to be believed the Apple Iwatch will be roughly about $149-229, but with the launch date rumoured to be late 2014 that figure could easily change. With no real ground breaking functions or apps, but there are handy little touches such as senses that collect data of sleep activity for example and you will also be able to keep track of calorie consumption. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear alternative will provide the alternative to this who aren’t as keen on Apple products. The Korean manufacture is expected to release their latest instalment of their Gear range earlier than their bitter American rivals.

What you can’t understate is the prestige of on Apple product, with the example of my laptop, I know that there are better alternatives out there in the market, but the prestige of it being an Apple product made me decide to get the laptop that I did.

What I would say is that if you like Apple products, and are a die hard fan of the Californian manufacture then the Iwatch is for you, if not then there are manufactures who have the same product and functions wise it is better than the Apple. It’s like owning a sports car- you know it doesn’t make sense getting one – but life doesn’t always work with making logical decisions.

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