Iphone 6 Review

The Apple Iphone 6 is expected to take the mobile phone market by storm.
The Apple Iphone 6 is expected to take the mobile phone market by storm.

Have you ever been to a social convention where you waiting for your friend or family member who is unbelievably late again? Maybe not the best analogy, but the Iphone 6 has that simliar kind of feel to it – always being the last one to the social convention, technology wise.

So it begs the question then why is the Apple Iphone 6 getting a lot of hype about it. The American company informed the world with a glitzy presentation early in September that there new Iphone 6 is soon to hit the shelves. With the release of a Iphone ,cues outside Apple’s many stores in the Uk is guaranteed to be a campsite for many die hard fans, where some have reportedly been waiting for days and have camped outside stores.

That proved to be the case when the Iphone officially launched , many retailers and experts have forecasted that the demand of the Iphone 6 is going to be very high. Apple IPhones look gorgeous, most don’t deny that but it’s prehistoric features such as 128gb in built memory leaves a lot to be dseried, how Samsung and other Android manufacturers will say that there phones had this sometime before the Iphone 6.

The 8mp camera is hardly revolutionary, Sony’s phones already have that. The touch sensor feature which integrates Apple’s new Ipay system is a good touch, shatterproof glass is another good touch,If only my Iphone 4s had that. With an Iphone 6 is that what do you really look for in this phone to have the best functions out there? The kind of people that the Iphone is targeted always seem to be more of the fashion conscious. Colours such as Gold, Space Grey and Silver emphasises the point that iPhones tend to appeal to the more fashion conscious rather the technology conscious.

A Gold Apple Iphone? that would make me the best of us tempted to cue at a Apple store for days on end, myself included . The new Iphone comes with 2 different screen sizes ( 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch which is a similar to Samsung’s galaxy Note 3). In Apples case they will be looking to hit the right note with consumers, and in Apple’s case they always seem to do just that.


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