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They say in music the 2nd album is the hardest album to make,such an analogy could be used with Manchester City. The Citizens were last seasons premier league champions, their title was fully deserved with a near flawless home record and the fact that City scored over 100 goals in the season always helps.

The Blues though have come into this season a shadow of the side of last season- a bit harsh you may argue as the season is still very young where there are a lot of twists and turns still to go. It maybe harsh to say but the reigning champions don’t seem as solid this year than they were last year, a case of ‘finding the 2nd album difficult to make’. Manchester City suffered the same fate when they won the title with Roberto Mancini, the next season as defending champions they surrounded their title with a real wimper losing the title to bitter rivals Manchester United by some 11 points.

This season The Blues are 8 points behind Chelsea already, and unfortunately for City the West London club don’t seem keen to let their lead slip- which must be a worrying sign for reigning premier league champions.

Lack of personnel is one reason The Blues are struggling, City just didn’t do enough in the transfer market, they must have known the other sides will strengthen, but Man City still failed to strengthen. The main issue I want to talk about here though is the tactics of Manuel Pelegrini. The Chilean manager who is known as the engineer due to his qualification as wait for it…. an engineer, is clearly a clever man- but I can’t seem to get to grips with why he doesn’t play David Silva further up the pitch in a ‘free role’.

The Spaniard is a ‘magician’ on the ball and Silva showed us that he has a lethal left foot- just ask Adrian the West Ham goal keeper. In the 1st half of the game against West Ham David Silva was put out wide and looked like a lost sheep, when Pelegrini changed his formation and put David Silva further up the pitch it was clear to see that the 28 year old seemed at ease with his game.

Defending isn’t a part of David Silva’s game, nor should it have to be. I know what you’re thinking- the modern players need to defend and attack, people will look at Jose Mouriniho’s sides as an example- but David Silva won’t be the same player if he has defending to worry about. Look at Real Madrid for example and Christiano Ronaldo, the 29 year old isn’t in the Real team for his defensive work lets just say.

Manchester City if they are to succeed they need to put their best players in the best positions ( I know it’s stating the obvious but Manuel Pelegrini has stubbornly put the Spaniard out wide). Silva’s predicament reminds me so much of Mesut Ozil of Arsenal who is another player in the wrong position. The 28 year old needs to be behind the lone striker,Manchester City need to be better numbered in midfield. More numbers in midfield would mean dropping a striker which would regrettably have to be Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian has played pretty well- but at a club like City someone is bound to miss out and be sacrificed as part of tactics .

The player to fill that hole on the left should be James Milner, Milner is such a work ahollic and could look after the defensive side of matters while Silva can do what he does best and that’s making clever passes to the centre forward. Cesc Fabregas links well with Diego Costa and if David Silva can create a similar relationship with Sergio Aguerro, than maybe City might well just claw this deficit back. With the modern day full back ‘bombing forward’ at any given opportunity, it’s important that there is some one there to cover, James Milner in my opinion is one of the best players in the premier league to do that job.

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