Will The ISL Bring To The Football World What The IPL Did For Cricket?


It’s a well established fact that India as far as the global economy is concerned, India is a financial super power, it’s the 2nd biggest economy to China if I am not mistaken. As far as the global sporting is concerned India will be looking to make the same kind of impact in the global sporting market like they have in the global economy.

In October the inaugural Indian Super League is to begin, the tournament itself will feature some sporting legends such as former France Euro 200 winner David Trezeguet, former Italy World Cup winner Alessandro Del Piero and a name familiar to Liverpool fans ( Champions league winner Luis Garcia).

India have the already successful Indian Cricket Premier League played on it’s shores and it’s been a overwhelming success. The key to the success of the cricket premier league is the way it’s been marketed, global superstars of cricket always participate in the tournament.

The Indian Super League bossess have to bear this in mind, if the concept is to get off the ground. Not many might know this but the ISL did try to launch several years before but due to financial issues had to be postponed.

When I think of the Indian Super League I can’t help but think of Major League Soccer ( In the USA) , both at the moment are leagues that don’t get as much exposure as football leagues in Europe for example.

Having said that though I feel it’s quite apparent that the infrastructure is there for the ISL to blossom, the ISL is known as Hero Indian Super League, the motor giant giving the Super League some financial backing.Hero have signed a 3 year deal with the Indian league, after initially struggling to get the league formed due to finical restraints this is great news that Hero have signed such a deal.

The IPL organisers have marketed the TV rights brilliantly, the premier cricket tournament is screened around the world. The Indian Super league have been very shroud as well and appear to have taken a leaf out of their IPL counterparts book .Star Sports the Indian broadcaster will screen the football matches in India ,while Fox News will screen matches in Australia, Eurosport will cover matches in Europe and Star Sports UK will screen matches for the UK audience.

The organisers of the Indian Super League have covered all areas it seems, in another good marketing touch the ISL have decided to hold the inaugural tournament from October to December. Sometimes it’s best to go for the tried and tested option and the organisers of the ISL have most definitely done that.


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