FA Cup third round preview

It’s a pandemic that has swept the nation, not just our nation, but all across the world. So football will be taking a backseat in terms of priorities right now.

It’s emerged that the third round FA Cup game between Aston Villa and Liverpool will be going ahead, despite initial concerns.

The Villains will be playing with their youth side due to several members of their playing being struck with COVID.

This game, just like a series of games has been taken over by COVID this season. Arguably, this game in particular isn’t about the result, but rather to ensure the game goes ahead safely.

Other ties see in this years third round of the FA Cup sees joint top of the Premier League Manchester United take on stuttering Watford of the Championship.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United side will be looking to take out their recent semi-final disappointment on The Hornets. My prediction Manchester United 3-1 Watford.

Cross- city rivals City take on Birmingham. Although a potential banana skin, I expect The Citizens to pass this test with flying colours. My prediction Manchester City 2- Birmingham 0.

Last but not least in the games I want to cover is Arsenal against Newcastle. The Gunners have come back to form of late, and are heading up the right direction in the table.

The Magpies on the other hand, have badly missed the impact of Alan Saint Maximan, and have duly struggled in the process too.

My prediction Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle, and that’s my predictions. The FA Cup third round matches are to be played over this weekend.


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