Roman Abrahmovich the Katie Price of football?

When you think of Roman Abrahmovich, you naturally think Russian Billionaire, owner of Chelsea football club. With Katie Price, when it comes to her, you think glamour model, reality TV personality and so on.

But if I was to say, both are Similar to each other the comparison some may argue, is a bit far fetched.One is a glamour a model, admired and adored by many men but hated by many men, possibly loved by a few women (if they’re that way inclined), but also hate her too.

Chelsea owner Abrahmovich, is arguably hated by many and loved by a few (depends the group of people you ask) , in recent years this could be argued that both Roman and Jordan (as she’s also know) are in the same boat? Well, you will have to keep up with me on this one. 

Both are filled with controversy, for varying reasons , I won’t go into them in this piece. But what I want to say is, both Katie Price and Roman Abramovich don’t have patience and tolerance with men. Jordan, has had many husbands and Roman? He’s been through many managers at his football club. 

This unlikely duo have had a variety of jobs, Russian Abramovich has been involved with politics, business and now of course football. Katie Price, has done modelling, TV and too has business interests. Maybe Katie and Roman are two peas in a pod?

With Frank Lampard, under pressure after yet another defeat, football’s “Katie Price” needs to ask the question, if another divorce with another of his managers is on the cards? Just like with any relationship, when you jump from one to another, it’s not always grass is greener on the other side. 

Glamour model Jordan is in the same situation, she too might have to stay in this relationship, because grass hasn’t been greener on the other side, if it was why would she keep on divorcing. I question the sense of that saying, grass isn’t green on the other side, usually it’s soil?

  In a round about way, both truly have similar lives. Doing some research before writing this piece, I have found out that Chelsea Roman Abramovich has been married three times. Sounds like he’s trying to get one up on Jordan in the marital partner stakes. 

My theory is not as far fetched as it initially sound now did it?


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