The old London bus

There’s that saying, of the old London bus, nothing for ages then two come at once, this saying has become very popular in football too. With Liverpool’s football team, it proved to be the case of the old London bus.

When The Reds beat Crystal Palace 7-0 at Selhurst Park, a ground which is arguably their bogey ground, no one and I am sure no one would have expected Jurgen Klopp’s all conquering side to lose their touch in front of goal.

The usual sharp shooter, quick draw Mcgraw of the wild wild North West, were a shadow of themselves.

Games against West Brom ended (who have been close to hopeless with and without Big Sam’s intervention) goal less, as did the matches with Southampton and Burnley too.

With the latter two teams, both defeated the reigning champions 1-0, which started to lead to some questions if Liverpool were fielding their under 18’s in disguise. The golden boot of Salah, the pin point of Trent Alexander Arnold, where had they gone?

Maybe they were still stuck in South London and were a victim of the Prime Minister’s stricter lockdown rules. As the games passed by, and the minutes too, many were left wondering where have last seasons Liverpool gone?

This version of the Premier League winners has upgrades. Thiago Alcantara, the one man orchestra one of the best in the business in his position has left many Liverpool fans and non-Liverpool fans in awe in how he glides across the football pitch.

Bambi on ice? Were some of the thoughts of some, but a Lion in the jungle the former Bayern man is becoming with his commanding and demanding displays in the middle of the park so far. This was all fair and well, but there was still no goals?

Such a sequence couldn’t continue for long surely or could it? One hour, turned into seven. Has someone shrunk the goals for a laugh? It started to seem that way. Salah, Mane and Firmino couldn’t score no matter how much they tried.

From the Liverpool perspective, this barren run of no goals duly ended when Manchester United hosted The Reds in what turned out to be one of the best FA Cup games in recent memory. Mohammed Salah duly getting two on the day.

So the goals came back, but what about that first win of 2021? Well, that would come this evening against Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham team. This Spurs team is a far cry from the team under former manager Mauricio Pochettino.

Jose’s boys tend to park the bus. Now, I thought this was what they do at the Wembley bus station, but looks like Mr Mourino’s sat nav has gone slightly off. The trio of Mane, Salah and Firmino looked to have got their mojo back as Firmino and Mane both scored in tonights 3-1 win.

Jose, that parked bus has been moved. Someone left the hand break down *rolls his eyes*

Tonight’s visitors Liverpool played like their hand break was down too.

Those Liverpool’s boys have been starved of a goal for a while, they’ve fulfilled some of the craving tonight.

These lads though? They’re hungry boys and still need feeding.

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