Asda pizza an unsung hero

Hello and good evening, I hope you’re all well, looking after yourselves and keeping safe in these testing times. Ladies and gentleman, here is another food blog for you. The last post we did on food, was on Dixy chicken’s many variety of burgers.

The burgers I tried in that branch of Dixy’s was fantastic! I do digress, but back to the topic and talking of fantastic I want to talk of the fantastic pizza that’s on offer at my local Asda. Now, having checked many Asda stores across my home city (Manchester) this appears to be the only branch that has this kind of pizza.

Now, I am not referring to their Goodfellas range (that’s frozen pizza), no I am talking about the pizza they serve in their canteen. What made their pizza all the better tasting was that I stumbled across the fact that they even sold pizza like this.

Cheese and tomato, with a 14 inch diameter …. it’s to die for! Made with a lot of love and care (which is evident from the taste), the Asda pizza us drizzled with oil and the pizza base is soft with a superb texture. Cheese and tomato is a safe option, but the way it’s blended together is the stuff of fantasies.

Everyone dreams of a perfect love story, boy meets girl, or some would argue girl meets girl or boy meets boy … but no, the most perfect love story is you and Asda pizza. In a 14 inch diameter, arguably there’s a lot of space to work with.

If you don’t know how to use the size, it could be 20 inch and still not taste to perfection. There are meat options available too such as chicken pizza, but it’s the cheese and tomato that’s the flagship.

There was us thinking Asda is a supermarket, they can’t do such delicious tasting pizza, but who would have thought this very same supermarket would now sell mobile phones and a decent pair of jeans.

Texture perfect, dough perfect, base perfect and nicely drizzled with oil on top of the cheese and tomato, my God, please make lockdown end, coz I need Asda pizza! Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself and you too will be amazed.

At just £7 for six 14 inch slices, tops it all off.


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