How you can wear confidence

Hello and greetings my Bearded Soldiers, it’s me your Bearded Captain, leader of all beards and flag bearer of all beards on digital media. I am that beard who tries to make people laugh and I am that beard who tries to make people smile.

My brothers, I hope you’re looking after yourselves and I hope you’re looking after your beards! Bearded Beloved’s I want to talk about an important issue. The thing I want to talk about is confidence, in other words to feel good and act … well confident.

Brothers, there are many ways this can be achieved, in this blog I want to discuss them. Goes without saying, one of the ways to feel confident is to make your face handsome and beastly, so grow a beard. Don’t take my word, when I say this, it’s been proven in studies too, that it’s better to grow a beard.

So if science proves it, it’s information not to be snuffed at. Just in case you’re asking and wondering, the Dr who carried out the study for this wasn’t Dr Pepper, he specialises more in the study of sugar intake into the body.

Confidence is also a trick of the mind in my humble opinion. For example when you get a fresh haircut, you feel better about yourself, you’re groomed for a start. This is something, I would encourage to get your haircut every so often, pampering yourself is a great feeling for outside and inside too.

Make sure you take time and effort in your general appearance too. That means dress well and even smell well too. I will be doing a blog on fragrances separate, so keep an eye out for that. A good fragrance and a really good one, it makes a massive difference.

Just a few squirts of your favourite aftershave, can work wonders, you will need to try it to believe it. Brothers, the need to eat well and avoid binge eating on junk too, it’s not good. In moderation is acceptable, but even that’s up to a point.

This brings me on to my final point, which is exercise. Brothers, exercise is powerful as it increases endorphins (happy hormones I call them) . To bring it back to my point brothers, you feel good , you look good, they go hand in hand.

There’s my examples of stuff to do, to help with confidence. Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments brothers, it’s over and out from The Bearded Captain.


Published by ayyazmalik

Hi guys thanks for having a look at my blog :) . Just to state the obvious my name is Ayyaz Malik. I love writing articles, it's been a passion since I have been a 'wee nipper'. To share a little bit about myself I am training to be a cricket umpire (yay!) and I work for the Asian Sunday :) which is a up and coming paper in Bradford. is my way of sharing with you my view on sports world and world in general.

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