Fireworks, talked about by The Bearded Captain

Hello and good morning, it’s me Ayyaz Malik aka The Bearded Captain, leader of all Beards and flag bearer of all Beards on digital and digital broadcasting media. I am that Beard who tries to make people laugh and I am that Beard who tries to make people smile.

Brothers, I pray you’re well, looking after yourselves and your Beards! My Bearded Muskateers, I want to talk about an important issue in the life of The Bearded Captain, that’s fire works. The reason why fireworks is now a topic of discussion, is due to the recently concluded bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night.

Fawkes, who is Bearded (according to Google images), should be seen as a hero, but we don’t seem as a hero, but we don’t see it this way. Guy Fawkes, was of course foiled in his plot of trying to destroy Parliament.

That is ironic, because Fawkes is a terrorist. A terrorist is celebrated each year. But like with other festivals, the marketing appeal outweighs everything else. Fireworks, will be now available right up until 1st January.

If you had nightmare sleeping on 5/11, then 1/1 isn’t going to be any better. If you think they’re bad, then Independence Day in UAE, that’s a different animal altogether. Might be sounding like scrooge, but it doesn’t get much better from here, if you hate fireworks going off late at night.

If you do it in a park, in a safe environment, fine some of them look fantastic, they’re good to look at, but sorry to be the bearer of annoying news. It’s over and out from The Bearded Captain.


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Hi guys thanks for having a look at my blog :) . Just to state the obvious my name is Ayyaz Malik. I love writing articles, it's been a passion since I have been a 'wee nipper'. To share a little bit about myself I am training to be a cricket umpire (yay!) and I work for the Asian Sunday :) which is a up and coming paper in Bradford. is my way of sharing with you my view on sports world and world in general.

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