A childhood like no other

Hello, good morning my Bearded Soldiers, it’s me your Bearded Captain, leader of all Beards, I hope you’re well, looking after yourselves and your Beards!

Brothers, we need to talk about an important issue in the life of Beard, this Bearded friends is of childhood. If done properly, it can set you up for life, if not then sometimes (not always) it can affect you in life.

Many a football star and business person/visionary will most of the time say they had a tough childhood and upbringing. There are several reasons, with money and the environment being the main reasons.

These people had the drive to change the direction and narrative of their life stories. For your Captain growing up, there were not half as many things as they are in today’s day and age. No mobile phone, that only came in my teens.

A computer was also the same thing. In our day I am not on the rocking chair, with a smoking pipe. But we had dial-up, when the phone would ring the internet would go AWOL. Download speeds? Well, that would be your day gone.

Also, the delights of my childhood were that we would rent videos out, and that too would be when we were good. Netflix? Is that something to do with fishing? Kids in today’s day and age, really don’t know how good they have it.

As beneficial as technology is, there are of course some harms to it too. The darker side of Facebook and the strange things on there or getting defrauded on internet marketplaces. The only markets we knew growing up was Hyde and Longsight Market!

As good as certain advancements are such as the electric car, for example, other advancements such as computers and phones are not. As much as I can claim the self-righteousness of being a father and not having time to address you lovely souls, technology and its distractions are a massive reason too for me not addressing you guys as much.

Less is more. Once upon a time, kids used to go out, play outside, play chase, tag, rounders, cricket or football. I hope I am wrong, but now it’s more tech orientated. Yes, like I said I have my weaknesses, but as a mature adult (I use this sparingly), I can just about control myself.

I can improve though, I must admit. Nothing wrong with games and tech to a point, but as a kid, this does shape people to a point for their later life. Here’s to hoping that kids can go back to the truly good old days.
The days, when you would use your coats as goalposts for football, or cardboard boxes/milk crates for the wickets in cricket. Maybe neighbours can have a collective sigh of relief that kids are arguably locked indoors more. No more cracked and broken windows!

Well, that’s my take on life. Here’s to hoping, we will speak again very soon!

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